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Cheese stretch illustration

New Culture combines traditional cheese-making methods with innovative food science to make animal-free dairy products that stretch, melt, and taste like the real deal. Essentially, cow cheese without the cow.

Nancy Silverton Partnership

It’s official! We’ve teamed up with pioneering pizzaiola, baker, chef, and restaurateur - the one and only Nancy Silverton - to launch our cheese at her Pizzeria Mozza in Los Angeles. Images and broll assets are available in the download links below!



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Product Photos

We love ‘em all, but for the-love-of-pizza we had to start with mozzarella. Our mozzarella has the same shred, melt and stretch that you expect from your favorite pie. Download New Culture product photos from the links below.

With Stamp

Without Stamp

Team Photos

We love our team! You'll find some options for team photos in the link below.

Team Photos


Our Logo artwork files along with usage guidelines can be downloaded here. Download requires following company and brand guidelines.

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