Cow CheeseWithout the Cow

New Culture Cheese

The future of dairyis here—and it's delicious

At New Culture, we’re revolutionizing how cheese is made with our animal-free dairy products that stretch, melt, and taste like the real deal. We combine traditional cheese-making and innovative food science to make cheese that’s kinder on animals, the planet, and human health. With our groundbreaking science, any cheese is possible and can be made completely animal-free.

Cheese Makes Life BetterWe Make Cheese Better

Cheese makes life better. We make cheese better.

We are leading the global change to an animal-free dairy future. We believe our food choices can transform our food system and help heal the planet, one cheese at a time. That’s the commitment behind our mission and the passion in our products.

100% New Culture cheese
100% New Culture cheese shreds

We love ‘em all, but for the-love-of-pizza we had to start with mozzarella. Our mozz has the same taste and stretch that you expect from your favorite pie, which is why we’re bringing our cheese to pizzerias first.

By the time it’s on your plate, it’s just as melty and creamy as the original. But it’s also animal-free, lactose-free, and planet-friendly. And above all, it makes a killer pizza.

100% New Culture cheese on pizza
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